Register your visit to the House of Representatives

You have to register in advance to be allowed into the House of Representatives – except when your tour will be on a Saturday. During the tour, you are also required to have your ID with you.

We ask that you register (online) before your tour.

How to register?

  • You can register by clicking on the link. You must provide a valid email address on the online application form.  The confirmation of your registration will be sent to this email address.
  • Make sure that the entered data (name and date of birth) is as stated in your ID.
  • Before you can enter the House of Representatives, you must pass through a security scan with your coat and bag.
  • After the security has scanned your ticket with the confirmation of registration, your identity will be checked. So make sure you bring a valid form of identification with you: e.g. a passport, an identity card or a driving licence.


  • If you visit the House of Representatives during the weekend, you do NOT have to register.
  • Children up to 14 years of age are not required to show their ID and do NOT have to register.
  • The obligation to register does not yet apply to the educational programs of ProDemos.

Rules for visitors

Attendance at plenary meetings is subject to certain rules. For example, no photographs may be taken from the public gallery. Visitors are also not allowed to respond, either in word or deed, to what politicians are saying in the plenary meeting.

The following rules also apply if you visit the House of Representatives:

  • Visitors to the House of Representatives must be able to identify themselves.
  • Visitors and guests must pass through detection gates.
  • Bags carried by visitors and guests will be scanned.
  • Visitors to the public gallery must store their coats and bags into lockers.
  • Public lockers are inspected and emptied at the end of the meetings.
  • The partial ban on face converings is in force in government buildings. Clothing that completely covers the face or that leaves only the eyes visible is therefore not permitted in the House of Representatives.
  • No photographs may be taken from the public gallery.
  • The following applies to all those present in the House of Representatives: the instructions of the Security Department must be followed at all times.