ProDemos for local governments and organisations

ProDemos cooperates with provincial and municipal authorities, councillors, civil servants and other professionals to stimulate people to take matters in their own hands and get involved in (local) politics. We do this in a variety of ways. See some examples below.

Course: ‘Becoming politically active’

In the course ‘Politiek actief‘ we explain how political decisons are made and in what ways one can try to influence these decisions. Hundreds of people have participated in this course now, and many of them have become politcally active – as ‘active citizen’ or as politician.

Meetings: ‘Democracy for everyone’

Civil society organisations, community centres and libraries can contact us when they want to organize a free, lively and low-key meeting in which we explain aspects of democracy, fundamental rights and the system of justice. These meetings are especially meant for people who feel that politics is remote and none of their business.

Voting information for people with MID

For people with a mild intellectual disability (MID) we offer a website, an election newspaper in plain language, short videos and an online workhop.