Other places to visit in The Hague

Den Haag ademt historie en zit vol musea en andere leuke hotspots. Als je een bezoek brengt aan de Hofstad, is het zeker de moeite waard om naast ProDemos ook bij deze musea of organisaties langs te gaan.

National Archives

The rich collection of the National Archives of the Netherlands consists of 137 km of documents, 15 million photographs and nearly 300,000 historical maps and drawings and 800 terabyte of digital files. The National Archives is accessible to everyone who wants to do research. They organize exhibitions, educational programs and a cultural program.

Visitors address:
Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 20
2595 BE The Hague

Visit the National Archives website

Peace Palace

The Peace Palace in The Hague houses the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the United Nations International Court of Justice and The Hague Academy of International Law. These institutions are supported by the Library of the Peace Palace, one of the most prestigious libraries in its field. The Carnegie Foundation is the owner and manager of the Peace Palace.

Visit the website of the Peace Palace for an introductory film , a virtual 360° tour and lots of information.

Prison Gate (Gevangenpoort)

The Gevangenpoort (Prison Gate) was originally built as one of the three outermost gateways of the Binnenhof. From around 1420, the Gevangenpoort was also used as a prison of the Court of Holland. Cornelis de Witt, Regent in Dordrecht, was imprisoned here on suspicion of conspiring against Stadtholder William III. Upon being released in 1672, he was collected by his brother Johan de Witt, who served as Grand Pensionary of Holland from 1653 to 1672. A few dozen metres from the gate, they were killed by a furious mob that mainly consisted of dissatisfied citizens and Orangists. Nowadays, the Gevangenpoort is a museum with a collection of torture devices. A statue of Johan de Witt has stood on the adjacent Plaats since 1916.

To the left of the Gevangenpoort lies the Prince William V Gallery, named after the last Stadtholder of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (1588-1795). In this building, William V brought together a number of important paintings from his collection. There are currently some 150 works on show.

Visit the Prison Gate website

Historical Museum of The Hague

The Historical Museum of The Hague is located on the vaults of the former north-eastern gateway, on the corner of Korte Vijverberg and Toernooiveld. The Museum documents elements of the history of The Hague, in the form of paintings, jewellery, furniture, models, doll’s houses, medallions, etc.

Visit the website of Historical Museum of The Hague


The Mauritshuis, built between 1633 and 1644, served from 1685 on as a kind of hotel where guests of the States General were accommodated. It is currently a museum, exhibiting paintings by leading painters of the Dutch Golden Age like Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Rembrandt, Paulus Potter and Johannes Vermeer. From the Mauritshuis, one has a good view of the high-rises of a number of Ministries near The Hague’s Central Station.

Visit the Mauritshuis website

Book museum

This oldest book museum in the world is located in the attractive former residence of the Baron Van Westreenen van Tiellandt (1783-1848) and devoted to the hand-written and printed book of the past and present. The museum maintains an extensive collection of books from all periods of Western book history, starting with medieval manuscripts that are entirely written and illuminated by hand. An overview of the development of writing, layout and decoration of manuscripts can be seen in the distinctive book room, which is in itself an unique example of nineteenth-century museum design and its original style remains entirely intact. In addition to medieval manuscripts, there are also examples of the earliest form of the printed book, known as incunabula.

Visit the website of the Book museum

One Planet (Museon-Omniversum)

Museon-Omniversum is a fun and educational day out for young and old, all about the earth, people and a sustainable future. There is plenty to do. Your entrance ticket gives you access to our exhibitions, films, themed rooms, labs and activities. If you watch a largeformat film and visit the exhibitions, you will spend about 3 to 4 hours. Take a quick look through the daily schedule to see what’s on the day of your visit.

In the evenings, the museum section is closed, however, we do show films about nature, culture, music and science in the Dome (formerly Omniversum). Special activities such as planetarium shows, lectures and live and streamed concerts take place as well. Check our evening schedule for more information.

Visit the website of Museon-Omniversum

Sound & Vision The Hague

Sound & Vision is the museum for news and journalism. Here, you will learn everything about media through games, tests and examples. Do you recognize fake news? Where are your limits when it comes to humor? And how good are residents of The Hague at attracting attention in the media? You can discover it all at Sound & Vision in The Hague!

Visit the website of Sound & Vision the Hague

Schilderswijk Residents Tours

Schilderswijk Residents Tours is born out of love for the neighborhood and its residents. It offers unique ‘Behind the scenes’ tours which are offered by the residents themselves. The aim is deepening the understanding of this unique quarter where more as a 120 nationalities are living peacefully together.

Visit the website of Schilderswijkk Residence Tours

National Monument Oranjehotel

The Oranjehotel was the name the Dutch attributed to the Scheveningen prison during the Second World War. Here the Germans detained over 25,000 people for interrogation and prosecution. On your visit to the present Oranjehotel National Monument you will hear stories about fear, hope, faith and patriotism and will see the conditions in which prisoners were forced to live. We show how vulnerable freedom is, and which decisions are taken, when injustice, oppression and persecution prevail.

Van Alkemadelaan 1258 / corner Stevinstraat
2597 BP  The Hague

Visit the website of Oranjehotel

Literature Museum

The Children’s Book Museum and the Museum of Literature are part of the Netherlands Literature Museum and Literature Archive Foundation, whose mission is to showcase the power of literature and the richness of the Dutch literary heritage.

Visit the Literature Museum website