Excursions and guest lectures throughout the country

ProDemos offers excursions to town halls, province halls and law courts, often in combination with role-playing games in which pupils can experience for themselves what it takes to reach a political decision, convince others of your point of view and find a majority for your idea.

See some examples below.


In this game, pupils (11-12 years old) work together to build a fictional town. They have to make choices like: more space for companies or for parks and sporting facilities? Should there be a big hospital or rather a secondary school? Space and money are limited, so they have to debate and vote. The game takes place in the town hall where they use the microphones that are normally used by the real council members.

English speaking primary school students can now play this game in English. The offer applies exclusively to English-speaking students, not to students in bilingual education. Please mention when registering that the group is English-speaking.

For more information and to book Democracity, please email planning@prodemos.nl.


Klassenbezoek@gemeentehuis (Class visit to Town Hall) shows young people in the 12-18 age group how municipal policy is developed. It is very suited for introducing young people to municipal politics. We have also developed a version geared towards primary school pupils.

Please note: this project is only accessible to Dutch speaking students

Visit to a law court (and guest lecture)

Attending a court session is an impressive experience for pupils. We encourage teachers to combine the visit with a guest lecture on the way criminal law works. Pupils learn about the roles of the different actors in a court session: judge, attorney, lawyer, witness, etc. Afterwards they reenact a court session (based on a real case).

Please note: this project is only accessible to Dutch speaking students